Linetrust Offshore Private equity fund

We at Linetrust Offshore Private equity have for long helped ascertain, nurture and build value of global businesses across all growth segments. Being one of the divisions of Linetrust, we analyse and understand the micro business environments using international insight and best practices with relation to research, people and processes.

With more than two decades of experience, strong business networking associations and skilled team, we are considered as one of the well-ordered investors resolute on enduring growth and value creation. Our team of professionals play an important role in identifying ambitious and forward-thinking businesses to provide private equity funds so as to improve their performance and realize their goals. As a private equity funding partner we remain a patient investor and offer all kinds of operational support to the respective management groups. This unique approach of ours enables our portfolio firms launch new ventures, develop mainstay businesses, formulate transformative acquirements and make use of advance technologies and procedures to maintain long lasting strategies. No wonder our investments span across a broad range of industries comprising of both growing and established businesses with great potential.

Our Private Equity funding philosophy

Linetrust Offshore Pvt., Ltd, follows a simple yet effective private equity funding philosophy that identifies and partners with responsible and committed businesses and companies with a high growing potential in the near and distant future. We are of a strong view that capital investment alone cannot help businesses grow and therefore remain committed to offer our expertise, deep knowledge, strategic vision and professional support in addition to capital investment. This philosophy of ours helps in creating a sense of conviction and bond among our portfolio companies resulting in value creation and also high returns.

Our Funding Focus and Strategy

Being a pioneer in the private equity industry, we seek businesses and companies with a clear business strategy and focus with noteworthy attributes and opportunities to scale the economy with a formidable market spot. We generally prefer sectors such as healthcare, life sciences, consumer, agriculture and food processing businesses, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure-led service providers, information technology services, renewable energy, energy harvesting, financial services and so on. But will also be pleased to evaluate funding opportunities in businesses and companies with creative business model, clear objective for not only the company’s growth but also the economy of the nation from which it is operating. We look forward to work with passionate, disciplined and experienced management teams with high integrity levels, hunger for development and collaborative mind-set.

Linetrust Offshore has so far partnered with businesses that have sustainable competitive edge with a global vision, sector dominance, social responsibility and immense growth opportunities and will continue to do so in the future as well.

Appropriate, committed and conscientious investing approach

We at Linetrust Offshore believe in making the right kind of investments and at the right time while adhering to the social, economical and environmental standards and procedures. We have a strong belief in responsible private equity fund investing; hence consciously make capital investments that fetch us both business-related and societal returns to the maximum.

Our private equity fund investments are intended to assist in building businesses that generate employment opportunities, encourage consumption, improve economy, reduce carbon footprints and remain socially responsible as well.
We are highly committed to build an eco-friendly world and therefore believe in making capital investments in areas and businesses that aim to solve the problems we face in the present for better future ahead. Hence, consciously pick portfolio companies that are involved in the research and development of environment-friendly products, systems and methods and those that strictly adhere and stay compliant with the laws pertaining to the environment. We do not miss any opportunity to provide private equity fund.