Corporate and Institutional Finance

Linetrust Offshore offers personalized structured financial products along with a blend of consultative servicesto meet our client’s specialized requirements. Our comprehensive financing solutions can be utilized by local companies, multinational firms, institutions and public sector undertakings. Our strong global presence and financing network enable our corporate and institutional clients get the right kind of financial assistance and serviceat the right moment. It is needless to mention that all our financial services and products evolve constantly in order to cater the enthusiastically changing global business environment.

Our expert team is committed to serve all our corporate and institutional client’s investment and financing requirements. We provide:

  • Business Finance – Irrespective of whether it is a simple loan, assisting in financing a particular project or company acquisition or even aiding in issuance of bonds
  • Services for all Operational Requirements –It could be e-banking and cash management services, liquidity mangement or foreign exchange and trade finance
  • Assets Management Services – collaborating with clients for equity, derivatives and credit requirements, hedging article of trade exposures or managing FX and rate exposures
  • Business Expansion Facilities –It could be guidance or financing solutions for strategic initiatives, acquisitions, mergers or takeovers or even help raising equity related offerings or equities
  • Solutions to Manage Risk –assist clients mitigate risks and protect assets including rates, equities, commodities, credit, inflation, currencies and so on.

Our systematic and well-informed approach in providing distinct and suitable financing solutions has enabled us acquire a variety of internationally renowned corporate and institutional clients while our undeterred commitment has enabled us build long-lasting association with them.