IT and Computer Finance

Nowadays, for any business to remain competitive and be successful it has to be tech-savvy. This in turn has necessitated businesses equipped with the latest Software applications and IT department in place, to stay abreast with the ever changing market scenarios. But not many businesses, especially the small scale and medium scale business ventures can afford to invest on the best systems, computers, software and technology they require. Linetrust Offshore is well aware of this issue hence provides all kinds of financial assistance and solution for businesses who are marching their way towards success.

Our IT and Computer finance solutions offers cover for anything and everything related to software, telecommunications and hardware. They are as follows:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Servers
  • High end software
  • Laptops
  • Photocopiers
  • Scanners
  • Fax machines
  • Printers
  • PABXs
  • Routers
  • Office equipment
  • VoIP equipment
  • CCTV and other security systems
  • All other technology related products

Not many offer funding services and solutions for software related purchases, but we at Linetrust Offshore can provide funding. It includes CRM or customer relationship management systems, specifically built databases and so on. With these funding options businesses can enhance their customer interactions, commitments, effectively manage data, key risk areas, compliance and security needs and even upgrade business ventures by entering the mobile or cloud platform. Unlike various other financial support systems that provide only an overdraft, Linetrust Offshore can arrange funding for both software and various intangibles. Businesses can make use of this opportunity to widen the equipment cost against the entire functional life of its operation, lowers capital costs or free up the capital and to make the business Software investment reasonable.

Colleges, schools, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and many big organizations that require upgrading and expansion can avail our financial services including rental arrangement, commercial hire, purchase, finance lease and chattel mortgage that are quite flexible and affordable. Our team of professionals study each and every case and requirement to suggest a suitable and structured plan. Our payment options are also quite flexible and can include long terms, monthly, annual and quarterly payment modes apart from the combined contracts drawn across software, hardware and IT services.

Call on us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to provide you the most favourable financial solutions.