Equipment Finance

In order to thrive in the trade, remain competitive and have the necessity to satisfy every-growing client expectations, businesses are required to be empowered with the latest technology and equipment. This is applicable to all industries. But there may be times when businesses find it hard to raise the required funds due to various reasons and it is where Equipment finance is looked up as a ray of hope and even solution.

We at Linetrust Offshore offer a gamut of valuable funding products to go well with your business requirements. Our team of financial experts will be very glad to discuss and suggest a suitable product, anytime.

Our product list is as follows:

Finance lease – it is a lease contract which intends to cover almost all the operating life stages of a business property. It relies on the guarantee given by the lessee against the leased property’s residual worth during the lease’s end term. Here the lessee takes the property’s ownership accountability, with the worth of commodities reflecting on the balance sheet of the lessee, minus the depreciation.

Rental / Operating Lease – Normally, the transactions of the operating lease will not be documented on the balance sheet of the lessee. Here the ownership risk lies on the lessor while the lessee can benefit from use of the property without taking ownership responsibility. It is a rental facility with the depreciation benefits accumulating in favor of the lessor.

Novated Leases – It is a lease agreement providing coverage to a member of staff who leases equipment, which is later sub-leased to the employer who makes the lease rental payments. It has to be noted that this particular option is applicable for motor vehicles alone.

Commercial Hire purchase – This is a kind of equipment financing option where the lender gets the ownership of the merchandise but provides an opportunity to the borrower to buy the property for a swelling amount at the conclusion of the fund term. Similar to the Finance lease option, here too the asset is reflected on the balance sheet of the lessee minus depreciation.

Revolving Credit facility – It provides a no-commitment revolving credit which allows renegotiations during any point of time. This facility is devised to satisfy customer requirements spread over a period of 6 months to 1 year, avoiding the need to submit multiple applications.

Chattel Mortgage – This is more or less like the hire purchase option but offers definite GST benefits. In certain situations, it can enable the whole GST share claimed during the initial stages of BAS after acquisition. Just like a Finance lease or commercial hire purchase, chattel mortgage too can be personalized according to the customer needs.

Equipment finance types applicable for the following and is not limited to the below list:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Motor vehicles for commercial use
  • Solar equipment
  • Earth movers
  • Software
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Aircraft
  • Trucks
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Gaming
  • Commercial laundry
  • Water filtration
  • Generators and compressors
  • Retail systems
  • GPS systems
  • Professional photography components
  • Printing equipment
  • Material handling equipments and forklifts
  • Ride on mowers, cleaning machines, golf carts, industrial sweepers and more

Linetrust Offshore has simplified equipment finance processing so that it can be accessible with ease by all. Even the documentation process is kept to the minimum for our customers while the approvals are swift. Our clients can enjoy our full range of financial services and products even without offering any extra collateral or guarantee.