Selective Invoice Discounting

Selective invoice discounting is a kind of debtor finance that enables you to increase cash at once over a pending invoice, without having to wait for months or weeks together till your customer or client make the payment. Though selective invoice discounting is similar to spot factoring, it is comparatively cost-effective and is well suited for seasonal cash flow fluctuations faced by small businesses. It offers great flexibility too. Because, you can choose to present all invoices at hand or simply one invoice alone, it all depends on your requirements and choice.

Some of the important benefits you can expect from Selective invoice discounting are as follows:

  • Even a single invoice can be use for raising funds
  • Quick financing option that can be obtained even within a day’s time
  • You can easily predict the cash flow, enabling you to meet out all your funding commitments
  • Ideal for both small sized and large scale businesses. While it helps small scale businesses tackle cash flow instabilities, larger businesses benefit from huge cash boosts on their bigger invoices
  • Improves client relationships
  • Gives great control over your credit and sales ledgers

At Linetrust Offshore, we have not only made the process to apply for selective invoice discounting simpler but also make sure that the turnaround time for approval is quick. Contact us to know more information about this financial option and we would be pleased to provide you all necessary details.