Progress claim finance

Progress claim finance is a boon to businesses especially to the small and medium sized businesses which get remunerated on a contractual progressive manner as it offers cash flow fund. Upon making a progress or stage claim, you are eligible to get instantaneous finance which could be used as a working capital for your business to augment fund growth and cash flow. This way businesses can get right to use funds owed and can concentrate in developing the business instead of spending time to manage cash flow.

Progress Claim Finance beneficiaries

Most often, it is the subcontractors belonging to the construction and building industry who bill progressively. Other than them progress claim finance beneficiaries belong to the web/software development and IT industry.

Irrespective of which industry you belong to or kind of business you are involved in, Linetrust Offshore can offer a tailor-made progress claim financial solution provided you bill in a progressive manner.

What you can expect from Linetrust Offshore

  • Offers completely flexible solutions to suit your requirements
  • Minimum waiting or no waiting period to get accessed to funds
  • Maximum advance provided
  • Not required to provide any real estate or property security
  • Quick approval
  • Competitive charges