Inventory finance

Most of the companies have considerable investments in the form of Stock and Inventory and can be used as collateral to obtain funds. It is one of the valuable financing options that is self-liquidating and self-securing. Why lock your finances in a warehouse when you can take advantage of them? Use the fund to optimize cash flow for sailing through tough financial situations, to buy extra inventory or new inventory. This financial service can be utilized by budding business ventures that have a good track record of doing business successfully and can also be utilized by businesses that do not want their capital lying in a corner. Hence most often find takers among manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers alike.

Benefits you can enjoy through inventory finance

  • Provides additional working capital for purchasing inventory during beneficial times and prices
  • Can help create working capital funds that allow you stock inventory without depleting operating funds
  • You can get a competitive edge by lowering costs or increased sales
  • Enables maintaining appropriate stock levels
  • Provides financial help during cash crunch
  • Most often does not require you to offer any kind of property collateral for obtaining funds
  • You do not have to invoice, deliver or presale the stock or inventory to get financed
  • Flexible option when compared to the usual banking choices
  • With more finance resources and time available at hand, you can stay focused doing hardcore business
  • Provides an opportunity to bargain huge discounts from suppliers while ordering huge quantities of stock
  • Boosts sales in turn the business on the whole

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