Cash flow finance

All businesses rely a great deal on “Cash” as it is the main factor that determines their success and growth. Because cash is very much needed to pay for commodities, pay salaries, make investments, expansions, get new orders and so on. Having understood this fact very well, Linetrust Offshore has come up unique, specific and customer-friendly Cash Flow Financial solutions that can aid in maximizing cash availability.

Highlights of Cash Flow Finance

Unlike other customary loan products that rely a great deal on real estate collateral, Cash flow finance makes use of even unpaid invoices to generate cash instantaneously. Using this facility of getting loan against outstanding invoice amounts, businesses can grab opportunities coming their way to attain their business targets and objectives, effortlessly.

This is a low cost choice that can facilitate the growth of businesses by allowing business owners or managers focus on developmental activities instead of chasing debts and improve their buying power via excellent funding management.

Our cash flow finance arrangement can even unlock the cash tied up in stocks and debtors by making use of the working capital resources available within businesses. It is a stand-alone option which can be managed very well along with other company borrowings such as leases, term loans and many more.

This kind of financial product is perfect especially for businesses

  • that sell service or good on credit agreements
  • with limited cash resources
  • looking for expansion
  • affected by recurring market trends
  • that requires installation of technologically advanced systems and measures to increase competence levels
  • seeking monetary help within a short notice period

Common situations that need cash flow funding to the greatest extend are listed below:

  • Partner or Management buy-out
  • New business establishments
  • Working capital scarce due to speedy sales growth
  • Succession and changes in ownerships
  • Turnaround financial strategy
  • Labour intensive enterprises that need to pay wages well in advance of their receivables
  • Lowering or replacing debt obtained by predecessors

Customized cash flow financial solutions offered by Linetrust Offshore are listed below:

  • Debtor finance
  • Progress claim finance
  • Selective invoice discounting
  • Inventory finance
  • Working capital finance

We at Linetrust Offshore offer people oriented service, not package oriented hence have built lasting business relationships with our clients, worldwide. Our team of financial specialists can enliven your business goals and dreams through flexible, reliable and suitable solutions that can provide fast monetary relief. Contact us to know more.