Linetrust Offshore Ltd (“Linetrust”) was incorporated by our initial sponsors, Linetrust Group with a vision to bridge the European and South American markets and with a singular aim of financing the traditional business verticals responsible for the development of any economy and attain market leadership in our focussed business areas viz. project funding, trade finance and raw material finance including but not limited to working capital finance. We started out from London but moved to Seychelles as we needed to extend our base to Africa and ASEAN countries. Linetrust Offshore is an operating entity of Linetrust Group. As an integral part of our strategy, Linetrust has successfully launched a series of Asset Management offering to raise capital.

We have been growing at a steady pace and have since posted steady profits after launching and establishing Linetrust Offshore as one of the leading alternative financial institutions. We operate a legacy-free infrastructure whose thinking is modern but with a traditional face to financing activities. Our lending activity is predominantly supported by the deposits we receive from our premier shareholders viz. Linetrust Group. By offering a genuine alternative to existing financial service providers viz. banks, we feel we are providing the much necessary diversification in the Financing and Lending landscape. This has not let us to deviate from our traditional approach of face to face interactions providing the much needed personal touch through our seven regional offices located around the World.   Our customers are at the heart of our day to day activities. We have traditionally focussed our brand building through service, transparency and with community at the heart of our thoughts and actions. To emerge as a genuine alternative to traditional financing arrangements, Linetrust has built a credibility and reputation as a quality conscious, risk aversive and quality-driven lender.   Our product suite offers corporates to meet liquidity and investment requirements through tailor-made financial reengineering solutions.  We provide structred financial solutions for all the clients that come to us since we understand that there is no straight jacket approach to any financial needs in the current global financing environment as the market dynamics differ from country to country and between different business verticals.